Who We Are
AuSSM grew out of the Bloomington Autism Support Group, which was started about 20 years ago by leaders of our local autism community, including Suzie Rimstidt and Penny Githens. AuSSM’s founding members include early and current members of the Support Group. The organization was incorporated in 2013 with the help of attorney and autism friend Robert Ralston. In 2014, the organization was granted the 501(c)(3) status, which has enabled us to receive tax-deductible donations and provide grants to families. Most of AuSSM founding members are caretakers who have walked the autism path. We have had many successes and setbacks, and we want to share them to help those who are on the same path. On our website, you can find information on: financial, medical, therapy, education, legal, and emotional supports.

Our Mission

  1. Raise awareness of the need for autism interventions; and
  2. Channel information and resources to families affected by autism, especially in areas of urgent need, including financial, medical, therapeutic, educational, and legal support.

Members of the Directive Board:
1. Julia Luo
      2. Jessica Dunlap
      3. Robert Ralston

Members of the Advisory Board:
     1. Suzie Rimstidt
     2. Penny Githens
     3. Esther Aspund
     4. Gody Goddard
     5. Marci Sheeler
     6. Susan Gray
     7. Audra Lampkins

Current Bloomington Autism Support Group:

Monroe County OASIS: Outreach for Autism Support and Information Sharing
Contact: Jessica Dunlap monroecounty.oasis@gmail.com
(You can request to join the group email list and learn about upcoming group meetings and events.)

BloomingtonAutism Yahoo List
Contact: Jody Goddard, momtobandj@gmail.com
(This list provides online announcements and information on local resources.)

Contact AuSSM:
We sincerely welcome feedback and suggestions, and we rely on our members and visitors to help us keep all the information on this website up to date. So, please email us at any time for questions, comments, suggestions, new information, etc.