Transition to Adulthood

  • As early as age 14, your child’s IEP should start including transition goals.
  • Post-secondary education: You may want to have a 504 plan in place and work with a disability counselor.
  • Go to local Work One office (450 S. Landmark Ave; 812-331-6000) to apply for:
    ˗ Project Search: A 6-month program for age 18-27. It provides internship positions, as well as training in resume-writing and interviews. Call Bitta Dewees at 333-6324.
    ˗ Vocational Rehab: Helps you find a job; provides an onsite job coach until not needed.
  • To find resources on transitioning to both postsecondary education and workforce, visit the INSOURCE website.  It includes a handy checklist/survey of colleges in Indiana and the support that each offers.
  • Visit ASA website on Transition.
  • Visit ASA website on Employment
  • For the choice between workforce and postsecondary education, and tips for successful transitioning, visit IIDC website.
  • For a support group for IU students with autism, join Students on the Spectrum Club organized by Marci Wheeler.
  • REHABILITATION ACT OF 1973: The Rehabilitation Act is the Federal legislation that authorizes the formula grant programs of vocational rehabilitation, supported employment, independent living, and client assistance. It also authorizes a variety of training and service discretionary grants administered by the Rehabilitation Services Administration. The Act authorizes research activities that are administered by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research and the work of the National Council on Disability. The Act also includes a variety of provisions focused on rights, advocacy and protections for individuals with disabilities.  You can download the Rehabilitation Act  from the INSource website.