Local Finnacial Support

Local Support Related to Autism:

  1. Monroe County Autism Foundation: offers assistance to families affected by autism in various areas including therapy and community activities. Contact the Foundation for your needs.
  2. AuSSM Biomedical Grant: offers assistance to families doing or trying to start the biomedical treatment. Grant is $200 for the first time, and then renewable every quarter for $150 if needed, with a simple application by email.
  3. AuSSM Doctor's Assistance Program: Offers two free office visits to one of the two biomedical doctors in Indiana, Dr. Mary Hulseman and Dr. Amy Carter.  To apply to this program, please email us with your request.
Local Support for Food/Housing/Medical:
  1. Bloomington Township Trustee (2111 West Vernal Pike, 336-4976): provides assistance in basic needs including food, housing, utilities, medical, and transportation.
  2. South Central Community Action Program (500 W. 15th Street, 339-3447, info@insccap.org): energy and rental assistances
  3. Volunteers in Medicine Monroe County: income-based free medical care. 811 W 2nd Street, 333-4001, info@vimmonroecounty.org
  4. Community Kitchen of Monroe County: 332-0999: Sit down meals at 515 S Rogers St. Carryout meals at 1100 W 11th St. 4-6pm Monday-Saturday. No questions asked. Backpacks of weekend food for children. Free lunch for children in the summer.
  5. Mother’s Hubbard Cupboard: 1100 West Allen Street (355-6843 or 339-5887, mhc@mhcfoodpantry.org). Pantry hours Monday–Friday 12 noon-6pm.
  6. Hoorier Hills Food bank: 2333 West Industrial Park Drive, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday
  7. Shalom Community Center: 620 S. Walnut St, Mon-Fri, free breakfast 8-9 am and lunch 12-1:30 pm, 334-5728
  8. The Gathering Place at First Christian Church: Corner of Kirkwood and Washington, free Sunday breakfast 7-9:30am, 332-4459
  9. First Presbyterian Church: 211 E 6th St, free Saturday breakfast 7:30-9 am, 332-1514
  10. Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County: will help you build your own house after you pay an interest-free mortgage and invest 250 hours of volunteer time.
  11. Bloomington Housing Authority: (1007 N. Summit Street, 812-339-3491) has grants for Section 8 housing, though the wait list is frozen tentatively.