K-12 School Choices

Public Schools:

Private Schools:
Note that even if your child goes to a private school, you can still request special services from MCCSC, including speech and occupation therapies. Please contact Michelle Wells at Monroe County Special Education Cooperative by email or by phone at (812) 349-4756. Below are the private schools with an academic focus.

  1. The Pinnacle School (K-12) is the most recent version of the DePaul School. They take private school vouchers. They target mostly students with dyslexia but also those with somewhat higher functioning autism. They place a heavy emphasis on progressive technologies and teaching strategies, and they try to teach to each student’s unique learning style and encourage confidence.
  2. The Harmony School (preschool-12): If you want a private school that is more relaxed and less expensive, you may want to check out HS. HS emphasizes whole person education, diversity, and community-oriented approach. Teachers try to build good relationships with students and provide individual support and accommodations. They do not take private school vouchers. However, tuition is accessed on a sliding scale according to income and number of students enrolled per family.

Autism Centers:

Before your child enters high school, when s/he has to earn academic credits from a credentialed school in order to get a diploma or certificate, you may consider focusing on social skills for a while.  Or, if you want your child to receive intensive therapy at school and you could not find a school that can provide that, you may consider autism therapy centers.  This is a good option in particular for families whose insurance or Medicaid would pay for ther services.   Below are the autism centers located in Bloomington:

  1. Reach High Consulting (812-330-4460, 2101 W. Tapp Rd):  RHC offers ABA/VB therapy and life-skill training in 1:1 and small group settings throughout the day. There is also an OT on staff. They do not bill Medicaid, but they will help you bill private insurances or utilize your Waiver hours if you have a waiver. They will also help you apply for a small waiver called Children's Special Health Care Services Program of Indiana, which can pay for enough hours for 8 weeks (about one summer).
  2. Unlocking The Spectrum LLC: (855-INFO-UTS, with the Bloomington branch located at 417 S Clarizz Boulevard): Offers ABA/VB therapy. They will send therapists to your home, instead of you dropping your child off at the clinic daily. They will work with you to obtain insurance coverage for ABA therapy. 
  3. Collaborating for Kids (812-650-4804, 640 S. Walker Street): Offers ABA as well as OT, Speech and Physical Therapies, and tutoring. Therapy can be provided at the clinic or at home. The accept Medicaid, Children's Special Health Care Services, and some private insurances.

Homeschool and Online Schools:
Homeschool and online schools allow for more flexibility for children with special needs. Even though it can be very demanding on the parents or caretakers, it does allow for more freedom to provide therapy and special diet. It can be a good option for children under the highschool age.  Some families combine homeschooling and public schooling by dividing up the day.  Note that the demand can become quite heavy when the child enters highschool, which is when they need to earn credits in order to graduate with a diploma.  They can do so with a credentialed online school, but you will be resonsible for making sure that your child fulfils all requirements for graduation. You can google credentialed online schools in Indiana.  If you choose to homeschool, you can join the Homeschool Alliance for curriculum and legal advacacy support.

To find a homeschool group in your area, visit Indiana Homeschool Support and Resource Directory for a Monroe County listing . The contact info is on the page.  Here is a list of online schools in Indiana:

Tutoring Services:

  • Monroe County Library offers homework help after school.
  • Huntington Learning Center
  • Phil Wheeler (812-334-1496): offers math tutoring for special-need students
  • To recruit a tutor among Indiana University students, post a free ad on Career Development Center (click on "employer").  You can also post an ad on IDS for low cost.