How to Implement Biomedical Treatment

Biomedical Treatment depends heavily on parents or caretakers for administering the prescribed supplements, observing the responses and adjusting the dosing, and maintaining a specific diet. It would be ideal if you can start with a doctor’s visit and some lab tests, to do an initial evaluation. Then you can do follow-up visits on various frequencies. However, if that is not possible, you do not have to give up. Increasing number of parents have implemented the treatment at home successfully by joining online support groups monitored by health professionals. Whether you choose to start with or without a doctor, AuSSM will try to provide the support.

Note that before you start with the treatment, you may want to first apply to the Family Rescue Grant offered by Generation Rescue, a national organization on autism. This grant is easily available to those who have NOT tried biomedical treatment. It provides: 2 free doctor’s visits, 2 free lab tests, and 3-month worth of free supplements.

Whether you use a doctor or not, you would want to avail yourself with available research and resources. To help you save time, we have listed recommendations for key resources on our Resources and Online Support page. This page includes recommendations for online support groups. If you choose to start without a doctor, you will be responsible for all of your medical decisions. A good online support group monitored by health professionals can give you support every step of the way. Of course, in the meanwhile, you would want to browse through as much research as you can.

If you choose to start with a doctor, there are a few doctors in Indiana who specialize in biomedical treatment for autism, the most notable ones bein Dr. Mary Hulseman and Dr. Amy Carter. Both doctors have kindly agreed to assist parents who come to them through AuSSM. So, if your insurance does not cover the visits with them, you can:

1. First apply to Family Rescue grant, if this is your first time using the biomedical treatment.  The grant provides: 2 free doctor’s visits, 2 free lab tests, and 3-month worth of free supplements. The condition is that you have not tried biomedical treatment before.
2. Apply to AuSSM Doctor's Assistance program. There is no condition for this grant. Dr. Hulseman and Dr. Carter will give you 2 free visits, if you are approved by AuSSM. To apply for this program, you can just send us an email with your request.

The doctor is likely to prescribe lab tests and supplements, and you may need assistance for the costs.  In addition to the Family Rescue Grant for new families, you can find more grants on our website, including National medical grants and AuSSM biomedical grant.