Aussm Biomedical Grant is for families who wish to implement biomedical treatment for autism. “Biomedical treatment” is loosely defined here as treatment that does not rely on psychiatric drugs, but rather through special diets, supplements, and other alternative means. Any families with children on the autism spectrum can apply.

Example of allowable expenses include: supplements, lab tests, biomedical or holistic doctor’s visits, non-psychiatric medicines, special diet, etc.  For “special diet,” the grant covers the values that exceed regular food items. Just a rough estimate is good enough. Receipts for the inteded expenses should be submitted within three months after a grant is awarded.

Grant is $150 for families who are just starting the biomedical treatment, and $100-125 for returning applicants. You can apply every quarter. It is meant to help families start and maintain the biomedical treatment. The application is very simple. You just need to send us an email and submit the receipts later. Anyone can apply, but the priority goes to those who are starting the biomedical treatment and also those with financial difficulties (if your household income is below 300% of Indiana poverty line, you will automatically qualify). Grants are available until AuSSM’s current funding is exhausted. At that time you will be placed on the wait list until we raise more funds.

To apply for AuSSM Biomedical Grant, simply fill out the application form below.  You should receive an email reply within a few  days.  Please send us an email if you have any questions.

(Note: If you need financial assistance for doctor's visits, you can apply to AuSSM Doctor's Assistance Program.  Dr. Hulseman and Dr. Carter are willing to give two free visits to patients sent by AuSSM.  To apply to this program, send us an email with your request.)